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Hebrew with Hadassah

Low Stress & Student-Centered Hebrew Learning

Unlock the door to rabbinical school success with Hebrew With Hadassah

Introducing an essential component of the pre-rabbinical program at Pluralistic Rabbinical Seminary. Designed for prospective rabbinical students and Hebrew-curious lay Jews, our comprehensive curriculum empowers you to master Hebrew so you can further deepen your understanding of Judaic Studies. Ready to start your journey? Apply now and take the first step towards mastering the holy language through Hebrew With Hadassah.

Caring Educator

Unlike language apps that leave you on your own, students have a veteran Hebrew instructor tracking their progress. Students meet weekly with Hadassah to work through their Hebrew learning and get additional support exercises as needed.

Bite Sized Units

These twenty four units cover essential language skills, grammar, and comprehension. It’s just what you need, and no more.

Extra Help

Units conclude with reinforcement exercises, reading assignments, and vocabulary building to strengthen students before moving onto more learning.


Certificate of completion from Pluralistic Rabbinical Seminary. If you decide to apply for rabbinical smicha program, your application will be fast-tracked.

About the Program

Our introduction and three-book curriculum has been tested through years of in-person classroom instruction, proven to provide the best model for Hebrew learning.

$183/week billed monthly for one year.
Text books are the students responsibility. 

Book One

✔ Nouns, including male, female, singular, and plural forms.

✔ Complete verbs in the present tense, including male, female, and plural forms.

✔ Introduction to root words.

✔ Reading short stories and building vocabulary.

Book Two

✔ Introduction to numbers and telling time.

✔ Verb conjugation in future tense, construct Pa’al, and imperative.

✔ Reinforcement of past and present verbs.

✔ Reading longer stories and midrashim.

Book Three

✔ Reinforcement of constructs and grammar learned in previous books.

✔ Introduction to opposites, pronouns, and action names.

✔ Reading modern Hebrew stories, proverbs, and comprehension.

✔ Strengthening roots and verb forms, and more.

About Hadassah

Originally from Israel, Hadassah Wrightman is a certified teacher. She  worked at The Leffell School for the past thirty-two years.

Originally from Israel, Hadassah Wrightman is a certified teacher who recently retired from The Leffell School (formerly Schechter Westchester) after thirty-six years as a Hebrew instructor to all grade levels, and serving as department chair for Hebrew and Judaic Studies.

Hadassah is proud to be a “student-centered” teacher, always focusing on the learning needs of her students first and constantly seeking new ways to engage with her students and improve their learning experience. To that end, Hadassah has also worked directly with teachers to improve their instruction and learning in multiple areas.

Don't let language barriers hold you back!

Apply now and join Hebrew With Hadassah to transform your Hebrew proficiency and ignite your path to becoming a more educated Jew and prospective rabbinical student.
As a token of our appreciation, students enrolled in Hebrew With Hadassah will receive complimentary access to Darshan Yeshiva and the PRS Bet Midrash, providing additional resources to enhance your learning journey (a $995 value). Students also receive access to the weekly Darshan Yeshiva Substack newsletter and support through our rabbinic email helpdesk.
*Note that completion of this program does not automatically qualify a student for the seminary’s rabbinical program. Students must still apply and be accepted