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Students now have the opportunity to take two new programs, or choose the one that best suits their perceived needs.

About the Programs

Pluralistic Rabbinical Seminary offers two amazing programs to meet the needs of dedicated Jewish professionals or volunteers interested in rabbinical seminary, but with limited Hebrew language skills and/or Judaic Studies knowledge. 

Students are welcome to take both programs, or choose the one that best suits their needs.

Students are not required to join our rabbinical program.

Key Benefits to Both Programs

Asynchronous, self-guided learning available anytime

Low stress, student-centered learning with a caring Jewish educator on Zoom

Certificates of completion

Reduced tuition compared to our rabbinical program

Complimentary access to our Community Bet Midrash and our sister website Darshan Yeshiva

Hebrew With


Enjoy the guidance of a caring educator, Hadassah Wrightman, who tracks your progress and provides weekly Zoom support sessions.

Dive into twenty-four bite-sized units covering essential language skills, grammar, and comprehension.

Strengthen your learning with reinforcement exercises, reading assignments, and vocabulary building.

Complete our three-book curriculum, tested through years of classroom instruction, covering nouns, verbs, root words, numbers, time, and more.

Benefit from Hadassah's expertise as a certified teacher with thirty-six years of experience in Hebrew instruction and departmental leadership.

Pathways to the


Apply now and ignite your path to becoming a more educated Jew and prospective rabbinical student.

These programs cater to individuals with some formal education, complemented by a minimum of five years of active involvement in Jewish communal life. Whether your service spans synagogues, JCCs, Federations, or any kind of Jewish non-profits, our program welcomes passionate individuals like yourself.

Comprehensive Judaics

Pre-Rabbinical Program

Embark on a comprehensive journey through the essentials of Judaics.

Our curriculum includes Tanakh, Jewish History, Modern Judaism, Liturgy, Halacha, and more.

Engage in asynchronous learning at your own pace.

Compliment your self-guided learning with weekly Zoom sessions with Rabbi Jayme Alpert, your dedicated rabbinic guide

Join Now

Start your journey to enhance your knowledge as a Jew and prepare for future rabbinical studies.

These programs are designed for individuals with prior formal education and are in active participation in Jewish community activities. Whether you've served in synagogues, JCCs, Federations, or other Jewish non-profit organizations, our program enthusiastically welcomes dedicated individuals like you.